Helping Kids Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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Helping Kids Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Dolly Dowsie

This month, Colief friend Dolly Dowsie has shared her experience with the Colief Breathe Easy Patch for all of you to enjoy – The Breathe Easy Patch is a true winter hero for your little ones!

Fiona, AKA Dolly Dowsie writes: “Winter is here and ever since the clocks went back my boys have been suffering with rotten colds and permanent runny noses. It happens every autumn and winter and this year I thought I was doing well, giving them their vitamins and probiotics every morning to build up their immunity and keep them well, but no, the constant runny noses have not escaped us, sadly.As you can imagine, having a constantly running nose can be very annoying and poor Beau especially is suffering bad, although he still manages to flash that cheeky smile of his whenever he can. I am forever wiping his nose and trying to keep him as comfortable as I can through this awful cold which just won’t seem to shift, and this is why I’m so glad I found Colief® Breathe Easy Patches.

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