A Royal Baby!

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We’ve all been biting our nails and twiddling our thumbs awaiting the long overdue announcement from the Royal Family! It’s been exciting, but we’re glad that the wait is finally over…

The third baby in Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal family is finally here, and Prince Louis Arthur Charles couldn’t be cuter!

With Prince George suffering from colic in his first few months, we really hope that Prince Louis Arthur Charles doesn’t have similar troubles. With Kate and Prince Louis in mind, we’ve put together our top product recommendations for looking after yourself and your new-born in the first few months which you might find useful too…

  1. While Kate is known for her beautiful healthy and glowing skin, stretch marks are even a worry for her. Colief’s Mum To Be Cream is a skincare saviour for during and post- pregnancy; it helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and is made with a nourishing blend of plaint oils including almond and avocado. It is expertly formulated to protect against such worries and also against the itchy, dry skin which is common amongst many mums’ bumps. This is a lovely product to use post-partum and will keep the skin nourished and supple as it heals and restores.
  1. Let’s hope that Louis doesn’t take after their father and has inherited Kate’s luscious locks but this can often lead to issues with cradle cap. We recommend using Colief Baby Scalp Oil once your baby is 1 month old to help with this. This is a wonderful post-bath and pre-bedtime solution to irritated, dry skin on the head and the product is extremely simple to apply. Smoothly massage onto your baby’s scalp to loosen any flakes and use a soft baby brush to further release and remove the dead skin. The outcome will result in a reduction of flakey skin on your baby’s head, whilst leaving their scalp soft and moisturised before bed.
  1. If you are worried about the amount your baby cries, their disrupted sleep patterns and digestive discomfort, these are often a symptom of colic. To help your baby deal with this discomfort and get some sleep during these nights, we recommend using our Infant drops. Colief Infant Drops is a natural product which is added to infant milk to treat temporary lactose intolerance in babies suffering from colic. This can be a saviour for your little one if their colic is due to the fact they cannot effectively digest lactose. We recommend to all mums, including Kate, that even though it can be distressing when your baby is crying, it’s important to stay calm, as your baby can quickly pick up on how you are feeling.

Huge congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, on the birth of a new son and baby brother, and a very warm welcome from Colief to such a beautiful edition to the Royal Family –Prince Louis Arthur Charles! x

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