How to keep those summer allergies at bay

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With the current pandemic having been at the forefront of our minds in the last few months, and as we slip into the summer ahead, the ‘common cold’ might not be on your radar right now. However, a cold is a virus that is prevalent during every season, all year round. This is where Colief can help, with the launch of our newest addition to the Breathe Easy range – the Breathe Easy Vapour Rub.

Colief® Breathe Easy Vapour Rub comes in a stick format, which can be applied directly to the skin of your child or baby without any fuss or mess. The body heat from the child will gently warm the balm; releasing natural vapours which will help to alleviate nasal congestion. The effects will last for hours; making this is an ideal, safe and soothing solution at bedtime to assist a good night’s sleep when your baby is suffering from a cold, flu or allergies.

Colds, flu and allergies are an inevitable part of your babies’ development and unfortunately are unavoidable from time to time, but with Colief® Breathe Easy Vapour Rub, you can rest assured that your little one will get a soothing solution to any nasal stuffiness in a gentle and natural formulation.

The Colief® Breathe Easy Vapour Rub is suitable for children three months and over. To buy online, head over to the Colief store at www.colief.ie/shop.

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