Keep your child entertained this summer with these activities

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Running out of ideas to keep your family entertained this summer? With the unexpected change of plans for most our summers this year, here at Colief HQ we have compiled our top activities to keep the children entertained whilst staying safe.

Creative toys

Investing in creative toys such as Legos, puzzles and Play-Dough is sure to keep your child distracted for a long time. As well as keeping them entertained for hours, it’s a great activity to build up their spatial reasoning too!

Create a scavenger hunt

Whilst this can seem like a big task, a scavenger hunt doesn’t need to have a huge list of items. From something as simple as ‘find for something in the house that is green’, children can have fun running around the house searching for items. To keep them motivated, you could also offer prizes for the winner, such as letting them pick their favourite meal for dinner.

Listen to an audiobook

If your child’s too young to read independently, a great solution is to try audio versions of their favourite books. Let them sit down and turn the pages while listening to a friendly voice read to them.

Grow a garden

Now the warmer weather has arrived, what better way to spend your time than enjoying some gardening with your children. Gardening is a fantastic activity for your child’s development and mental health, and can be as simple as giving your child a small plant to care for, or maybe they can grow a herb garden or a few flowers on the windowsill. Not only is gardening educational and great for sensory development, it also teaches responsibility and patience.

Organise an at home picnic

With July being national picnic month, what better excuse to create an at home picnic with your children! Start by choosing a mealtime location, such as the garden table or blanket on the lawn. Then simply prepare your picnic staples with your children, helping them make their favourite sandwiches or preparing fruit, load them into a basket and enjoy dining al fresco!

Paint outside

The benefit of this sunny weather means being able to do activities in the garden such as painting. When painting outside, there’s no need to worry about making a mess, especially if you use washable paint. Alternatively, you could also create outdoor artwork with chalk.

Camp in the back garden

Whilst many of you are having to cancel holidays this year, why not bring the holiday to you? Try pitching a tent in your back garden, bring out the sleeping bags and pillows, and have a fun evening of sleeping as a family under the stars!


Getting your children into cooking is extremely beneficial, not only are you training them with useful skills for the future, but it provides practical experience such as reading, following directions, and measuring. If you’re stuck for recipe inspiration, we recommend these delicious easy and healthy recipes found here.

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