Spotting and treating Colic in your new-born

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What is Colic?

As any parent with a distressed, crying baby knows, colic affects the whole household, and can be very frustrating and upsetting for parents. However you are not alone; Colic affects one in every five babies and is a temporary lactose intolerance in newborns which can lead to digestive discomfort, wind, an uncomfortable bloated tummy and a griping pain. It can be very distressing for both baby and those caring for baby too.

What should I do if my baby has Colic?

Although it is distressing, the most important thing to remember if your baby is affected by colic is to remain calm. If you suspect your baby has colic it can help to keep a cry-diary and speak to your health visitor. Additionally, you might want to try a one-week trial of Colief Infant Drops, which is a natural product that can help identify whether temporary lactose intolerance could be the cause of the colic symptoms. For many babies, Colief Infant Drops can help ease the symptoms of colic by breaking down the lactose in your baby’s usual milk, making it easier to digest. The result is less discomfort and fewer tears. Simply add a few drops of Colief Infant Drops to the milk each time you breastfeed or use infant formula.

Colief Infant Drops are available from Tesco, Boots, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett, Superdrug, Lloyd’s Pharmacy and many independent chemists and are priced from £11.99 as well as online at www.colief.ie.

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