Half Term Happiness

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As we enter another school holiday with much of the country under some kind of lockdown – meeting up with family and friends to pass some time and make memories like holidays gone by may well be off of the table, but that is no reason not to have fun with your little ones. The weather is expected to be wet and windy across the UK this week but why not dust off the welly boots, wrap up warm with a waterproof coat and embrace a long, wet walk, an outdoor nature trail  or collect some autumnal natural items to create an autumn picture at home – pinecones and orange leaves anyone?

We’ve listed out some of our top outdoor spots around the UK that could be good to visit, have some fun and still be able to socially distance from others in a safe way. Always check for any weather warnings before venturing out though!

  1. Cardinham Woods, Cornwall
  2. Blackley Forest, Manchester
  3. New Forest National Park, Southampton
  4. Hogganfield Park, Glasgow
  5. Brecon Beacons, Merthyr Tydfil
  6. Backhouse Park, Sunderland
  7. Sandwell Valley Nature Reserve, Birmingham
  8. Dundreggan, Inverness
  9. Kent Downs, Kent
  10. Wicken Fed Nature Reserve, Cambridgeshire

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