Activities To Keep Your Children Entertained This Half-Term

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At a loss with how to keep your children entertained this half-term? With most of us having home schooled our children since Christmas, you may be stuck for ideas on how to mix up your activities this half term. Well fear not – we have compiled a list of our top suggestions to ensure you and your family have a well-deserved fun half-term break!

  • Grow your own veg – growing fruit and vegetables at home with your children is a great activity for them to learn where their food comes from, as well as giving them a science project! You can grow fruit and veg in a in open ground, pots or containers, so you don’t need to worry about having enough space or paying out for any expensive equipment – just a few seeds and old yoghurt pots will do it!
  • Treasure hunt – perfect for indoors and outdoors, a treasure hunt is a great way to keep your little ones entertained. Whether you opt for a nature hunt and give a list of items to find in the garden, or hide letters around the house that spell something, it will be a great way to keep them busy whilst learning along the way!
  • Board games – why not have a board game day or evening where you and the family can split into teams, play your favourite game and get that competitive streak flowing! Just be prepared for any potential tantrums for the losing team – and we’re not talking about the children…
  • Organise a tea party – whether your family is big or small, you can use your imagination for this one and create your own very special tea party! All you need to do is make some classic finger sandwiches, a pot of tea and some delicious cakes, then let your little one have some fun setting the table, and you have yourself not only a fun activity but your lunch sorted – just don’t forget to invite your VIP teddy bear members, they deserve a treat also!
  • New walking routes – we are sure you’ve exhausted your favourite walking route so far, but have you tried a new local walk for your daily exercise? If you’re stuck for ideas, try the All Trails app which shows you great walking routes in your area!

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