Valentine’s Activities For The Family

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Whilst Valentine’s may look a little different this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in some family fun in crafting the perfect Valentine’s gift for your loved one! Whether that be a partner, family member, friend or someone who has meant a lot to you this past year, why not make their day and create one of the following gifts?

  1. Love Potion Bubble Bath – upcycle those empty glass jars and bottles and design your own special love potion bubble bath! Decorate with ribbon, glitter or gift tags, and fill with bubble bath or bath salts, and you have yourself the perfect personalised Valentine’s gift!
  2. Bake with love – what better way to let someone know what they mean to you with some Valentine’s baking! We love the look of these cupcakes and love bug biscuits, and if you feel like taking your gift a step further, you could make your own box to gift them in – your recipient will be sure to love this homemade gift!
  3. Valentine’s Vase – flowers are the classic gift for Valentine’s – but why not mix things up and personalise your own vase? We love this felt and twine sweetheart vase which requires minimal materials, and will be sure to brighten your loved ones day.
  4. Seed starters – want to give something truly unique this Valentine’s? With spring just round the corner, these seed starter jars are a great little gift to give someone, but also is a great excuse to get your little one involved with some light gardening!
  5. Muslin sweet bags – treat your loved one with their favourite sweets this Valentine’s – all you need to do is fill a muslin bag with your sweet of choice, and add a personalised touch to the bags with either some gift tags or a love heart stamp, and voila!

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