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colic research

Colic can have many causes, but in some cases, it can be due to a temporary lactose intolerance. The main signs associated with Colic are episodes of excessive and inconsolable crying when they otherwise appear to be perfectly healthy.

This September we conducted a survey that revealed more than a quarter (28%) of parents felt worried when their child showed signs of colic, with 19% feeling helpless and sadly 13%  feeling like they were failing as a parent, highlighting the impact on their confidence as a parent. As a result, those surveyed revealed it really brought down their own and their partner’s mood and mental wellbeing (29%), they struggled to find time to manage the house, cook dinner, etc. (24%), it affected their ability to work (8%) and they found it hard to bond with their baby (8%) too which is really sad.

If you haven’t tried already, Colief Infant Drops offers a gentle solution, which has been trusted for more than 20 years and offers a wealth of knowledge for identifying, soothing and treating the condition. If you are one of those many parents feeling stressed or helpless with a colicky baby, below we have listed some of the top tips with how to deal with it.

Top Tips For Dealing With Colic

  1. Although it is distressing, the most important thing to remember if your baby is affected by colic is to remain calm
  2. Introduce a soothing routine around the time of the day when your baby’s colic is usually at its worst, this is typically in the evenings
  3. Keep a log of the times when your baby’s colic is at its worst – you may be able to find a pattern associated with any triggers, allowing you to understand better how to ease the symptoms
  4. Try a one-week trial of Colief Infant Drops to help diagnose whether temporary lactose intolerance could be the cause of your baby’s colic symptoms
  5. If your baby has been crying excessively for a long period of time and you are becoming distressed, lay baby in his or her cot or crib, and take yourself into another room for a break

 For more information on colic and how to treat it, visit our website at https://dev.catmedia.space/coliefcouk/advice/crying-baby-help-with-colic/

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