Joyful activities to keep your family entertained this Christmas!

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With Christmas just around the corner, and everyone ready to break from school and work, what better way to celebrate than with some fun festive activities for you and the family to get in the holiday spirit! Below we’ve listed our top things we love to do with our loved ones at Christmas time.

  1. Christmas walks – the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to get outside and breathe in that gorgeous winter air! It’s a great way to get some exercise in whilst walking off all that delicious Christmas food. Why not explore your local area for some picturesque walks or try a new route you’ve not discovered before?
  2. Christmas baking – as you’ve probably guessed we are a big fan of baking here at Colief HQ! But if there was ever a reason to try your hand at some baking, Christmas is one of them. We love the look of these recipes which would be perfect to get the family involved in making too!
  3. Christmas crafts – one way to make your Christmas truly special and personalised, is to make your own decorations! We love the look of these Christmas Tree Ornaments as well as these decorations for your house . Not only is it a great activity to get your children involved in, but also creates long lasting sentimental memories that you can bring out each year.
  4. Christmas games night – crank up the heating, get cosy in your PJs and host yourself a family games night! Whether they be Christmas themed games or your family favourites, this is a perfect way to get the family together and let your hair down with some competitive fun.
  5. Christmas markets – if you’re looking for another reason to get out the house, or even just feel more festive, why not try exploring your local Christmas markets? This article here details the top ones to visit in the UK if you feel like venturing further afield.
  6. Christmas movies

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