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If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to make this Valentine’s special for you and the family this year (because let’s face it, what better excuse to show our loved ones how much they mean to us!), we’ve had fun compiling our top activities to keep you in the spirit of love! We’d love to see your Valentine’s creations this year, so if you feel like sharing don’t forget to tag us @coliefuk!

  • Say it with your card – if your child loves getting involved in some arts and crafts, why not encourage them to make some Valentine’s cards for family and friends? Not only will they enjoy making them, but your friends and family will love receiving them too!
  • Heart bake – one of the best ways to share the love with someone this Valentine’s is some love themed baking! We love the look of these Valentine’s cupcakes and Cherry Shortbread Hearts.
  • Make a hearty breakfast – keeping on the theme of food (obviously), why not get the little ones involved with making a Valentine’s themed breakfast, with your favourite breakfast food in the shape of a heart! We love the look of these ideas here (anyone else hungry yet?!)
  • Play a love game – of course one of the easiest ways to get your children excited about Valentine’s is with a game. This list of games here is a great way to spark off some inspiration, with ideas such as Valentine’s Bowling and Musical Hearts!
  • Treasure Hunt – one way to get all the family involved and sharing the love this February is with a cute Valentine’s themed treasure hunt. This could take place throughout the house and/or garden, by simply placing sweet treats, love notes or petals for everyone to find, with the winner receiving a special Valentine’s gift (for example, perhaps a special batch of idea 2…)

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