Fun Easter themed activities for the whole family to enjoy this Easter school holiday

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Whilst it’s hard to believe it’s April already, we are sure we speak for everyone when we say we are very excited for Easter and a bank holiday ahead of us! And for many of you with children, we know today marks the last day of school before the two-week Easter break. If you are trying to find ways to make your family’s Easter egg-stra special, we have pulled together a list of activities for the whole family to enjoy – so hop to it and get cracking with these family themed ideas!

  • Easter egg hunt – perhaps stating the obvious, but it would be almost criminal to not have an Easter Egg hunt with your family in this lovely Spring weather! Whether it takes place in your garden, local park or around the house, this simple activity of hiding chocolate eggs is a winner with your little ones, and let’s be honest, the adults too! (Just remember to let the children have some of the chocolate!)
  • Easter family walk – as already mentioned, with the lovely weather we have started to see of late, now is the perfect opportunity to make the most of walking in the sun whilst exploring what nature has to offer! Not only is it a free activity; but is a great way for the family to get some exercise in, and can think of fun games to play along the way!
  • Easter arts and crafts – we know one easy way to get your little ones engaged with Easter is some arts and crafts! Whether that be making some Easter cards for the family, painting some colourful eggs or making decorations, this will be a great activity to help develop your child’s creative side whilst being fun for all! Need some ideas? Check these great crafts here that use items around the home!
  • Easter baking – would it be Easter without some delicious baked goods? We LOVE the look of this Easter egg tray bake and this delicious Carrot Cake if you’re needing some inspiration. Not only are the results enjoyed by the whole family, but it’s a great activity for your child to get involved with that supports their development in a number of ways – such as planning, time management and most importantly, patience! (Although perhaps that’s one more aimed at us adults’ development…)

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