Advice for families coping with infant colic

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Advice for families coping with a infant colic

Infant colic can have many causes. In some cases, it is caused by temporary lactose intolerance, which is when babies are unable to fully break down lactose, a complex sugar in breast milk and infant formula. This can cause discomfort commonly known as colic and is characterised by lengthy periods of distressed crying. Here at Colief we know how distressing it is to have a baby suffering with Colic, which is why we have compiled a list of tips on how to cope with a colicy baby.

Top Tips For Dealing With Infant Colic

1. Although it is distressing, the important thing to remember if your baby is affected by colic is to remain calm.

2. Introduce a soothing routine around the time of the day when your baby’s colic is at its worst, this is typically in the evenings.

3. Keep a log of the times when your baby’s colic is at its worst – you may be able to find a pattern associated with any triggers, allowing you to understand better how to ease the symptoms.

4. Despite the characteristic inconsolable nature of the crying, it may be possible to reduce colic symptoms by trying different techniques, as some babies may respond better to some techniques than others. You may find some of the following helpful:

  • Holding the baby during crying episodes
  • Wearing baby in a sling
  • Gentle motion, such as rocking, pushing them in a pram or going for a drive
  • Background noise, such as the vacuum cleaner, hairdryer or washing machine
  • White noise
  • A warm bath
  • Baby massage

5. Try Colief Infant Drops – Trusted by mums for over twenty years, Colief Drops contains lactase and can be used with every fed, either in expressed breast milk or infant formula. At around three to four months a baby’s digestive system will naturally cope better with lactose and usually symptoms will disappear. However, if symptoms persist you can continue to use Infant Drops for as long as it is needed.

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