Preparing for the back-to-school period

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You may find yourself having mixed feelings towards your little one going or returning to school this September – some of you may be counting down the days (hours, minutes, seconds…) for their return to have your house back in order, whilst others are likely feeling nervous if it’s their first time going to school. To help make the transition back to school as easy as possible for both parent and child, we’ve pulled together some advice on how you can prepare yourself as much as possible and make that back-to-school period go swimmingly 😊

  1. School supplies – get your child excited about going to school by letting them choose their own school supplies. We all remember as a child the joy you’d get out of picking your new pencil case for the year (and we still experience it this day with stationery – anyone else?!). This can be an easy way to get them excited and ready for the big day!
  2. Familiarity with the school – to ease any anxieties your child might be having about going to school for the first time, try talking to your child about what the school will look like and what to expect in their daily routine (or even show them if possible) to help them learn what to expect and prepare them for the new environment.
  3. Prep the night before – make the morning of the day as smooth as possible by prepping everything the night before. That includes uniforms ready, lunches prepped and PE kits packed. That way you can glide out the door the morning of without any last-minute stress (well, less stress than normal!)
  4. Early to bed schedule – get your little ones early to bed the night before – or even in the week leading up to the school return. This will get your child into a good routine that won’t shock them on the day, and will prevent getting them out of bed becoming a struggle. As an added bonus, it also gives you back some of your evening too!
  5. Leave time for you – as much as it might be anxiety inducing for your child going to school for the first time or returning for the new school year, it can be for many parents as well. Try to make the most of this time – whilst the house may seem quiet without them, it’s also important that you’re putting your needs first too, and being kind to yourself. So take advantage of that extra free time and do something nice for yourself that you wouldn’t usually be able to do – you will soon find yourself adjusting to the new routine and enjoying it along the way!

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