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Not only is Autumn a beautiful time of year, but it also means we are entering one of our favourite holidays…Halloween! No doubt your family will be excited to get into preparing for this fa-boo-lous day! To get you into the spirit, we’ve compiled some creative ideas and activities that will be sure to make you feel gourd (and if you think the Halloween puns end there, you’d be wrong).

  • Pumpkin carving – it would be criminal for us to not state the obvious activity for Halloween! Start the Halloween festivities with some pumpkin carving! This great blog has some great simple ideas for your little one to create their own.
  • Eerie-sistible baking – get the ghouls and gals involved in baking some Halloween themed food! Enjoyable for the whole family, this is a great activity to get your little one involved in. Should you need some inspiration, we love the look of these recipes here.
  • Boo-tiful decorations – whether you’re hosting your own Halloween party, or want your home to be fully immersed into the spooky season, getting crafty with your little ones is not only a great activity to keep them occupied. This also produces some fang-tastic results. You’ll find plenty of great ideas here!
  • Movie night –get cosy and comfortable this Halloween and create a movie night for your family (and a bit of down time for yourself!) This is the perfect opportunity to embrace all your creative decorations and enjoy those Halloween treats! Get the blankets out, fairy lights on and pick from these family friendly spooky movies!
  • #squashgoals – bought too many pumpkins and not sure what to do with them when Halloween is over? There are plenty of recipes here that use pumpkin in which are delicious and healthy for all the family!

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