Top tips for Baby Massage on your little one

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Positively interacting and connecting with your baby is so important in developing trust and communication. Baby massage is proven to be hugely beneficial for your baby. It promotes bilateral movements for your baby which means your baby is using both sides of the body and brain, which is hugely beneficial in their early development. If you’ve not tried baby massage before and want some tips to get you started, we’ve compiled our advice below to help ease you in to the process.

Top Tips for successful Baby Massage

  • Choose a time when your baby is at their most settled. It is good for you to be as relaxed as possible. If tension is present, it might be sensed by your baby causing them to become unsettled. The flow of relaxation will be felt through relaxed touch.
  • Suitable from three months (from full term date) Colief’s Baby Massage Oil is the perfect accompaniment for trying baby massage. Created with gentle skin in mind, this oil provides a warming, soothing and relaxing effect.
  • Clean your hands before applying the oil. Apply the oil to your hands and rub hands together.
  • Ask permission from your baby. Asking permission enhances healthy communication, respect, trust and teaches body autonomy.
  • For tummy massage to soothe; rub oil in hands as warm as possible, this acts an immediate soothing and warming sensation for the tummy especially if baby is experiencing discomfort

Colief Baby Massage Oil contains 100% natural ingredients including Sweet Almond Oil, Lavender Oil, Jojoba and Vitamin E, and absorbs quickly to help soften dry skin. It can be gently massaged into your baby’s skin to moisturise, soothe, and calm your baby. The calming effect of the massage makes your baby feel cared and loved for.

For more information on Colief Baby Massage Oil and the benefits of Baby Massage, visit the Colief website at https://dev.catmedia.space/coliefcouk/colief-baby-massage-oil/

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