Beautiful budget friendly presents to gift your family this Christmas

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Season’s greetings from us here at Colief HQ! We know this time of year is expensive, regardless of a cost-of-living crisis or not. Thinking about spending money on Christmas presents might feel particularly daunting this year. We’ve pulled together a list of gorgeous Christmas presents you and your family can make at home this Christmas, without having to break the bank! Why not show that special someone how much thought you’ve put into their gift too?

  • DIY sugar and salt scrubs – luxury bath items are always a popular gift at Christmas. Why not take it a step further and create your own gorgeous sugar and salt scrub! With minimal ingredients needed, and a chance to get creative, this will be the perfect gift for a loved one this Christmas. For inspiration on how to create your own, try this recipe here.
  • Baked treats – you can’t go wrong with gifting some homemade delicious baked goods. As well as making some delightful treats, you can also package them up nicely and make great gifts for all the family! We love the look of these ideas here if you need some inspiration.
  • Photo scrapbook – some of the most thoughtful gifts can be the simplest. This is where a homemade photo album fits in perfectly. Pulling together photos of wonderful memories with your loved one will not only be a lovely task for yourself; but will warm the heart of the recipient too!
  • DIY herb garden – want to give something a little different this Christmas this year? Why not try making your own DIY herb garden kit to gift your green fingered foodie friends? Not only will this make a really useful gift – but is an easy one to make look pretty too with personalised jars and a variety of herbs. These instructions here are a good starting point of how to make your own.
  • Hot Chocolate stirrers – possibly the easiest gift to make of them all, are hot chocolate stirrers. This is an easy and nice, creative stocking filler . This is a great one to make with your little one! For this, all you need is some chocolate, lolly sticks, empty yoghurt pots and some clear cellophane and ribbon for packaging, and voila! These ones look delicious and easy to try. You can pick whichever chocolate and toppings you want to suit the taste of your lucky recipient!

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