Delicious dishes to cook this Christmas

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Ask anyone what their favourite thing about Christmas is, and you will inevitably find one answer – and that’s the food! Arguably the best thing about this time of year, everyone has their own special Christmas traditions surrounding food. If you’re looking for inspiration for how to make your Christmas dinner or party extra special, take a look at our recommendations below!

  • Brilliant Brussels – a potentially controversial dish to serve at the table, but Brussel Sprouts don’t have to be boring! Spruce up your sprouts with sage and streaky bacon in this delicious recipe here.
  • Pigs in extra warm blankets – want to save some space in the oven for that big Christmas dinner? Why not try adding stuffing into your pigs in blankets. You’ll need fewer sausages as this recipe here makes good use of just a few!
  • Pull apart Christmas tree – looking for a delicious centrepiece appetizer that will be a crowd pleaser with dinner guests and your little ones? Well look no further – as this super cheesy and herby dough-lightful creation is just what you need!
  • Veggie Christmas – Are you looking to opt for a meat free Christmas? This morish Mushroom and Chesnut Wellington will be sure to wow your dinner guests! This allows the children to get their veg intake too!
  • Chocolate Robins – wanting an easy delicious treat you can make with the children? Try these Chocolate Robins’ Nests that you can make in less than 30 minutes and ideal for making with your little one.

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