Get gardening this summer! Tips and advice on getting your kids gardening and the many benefits

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Get gardening this summer

Hurrah, some sunnier weather at last! And, whilst we all know being outside is good for us, with little ones around it can be easy to run out of fun outside games and activities to keep them interested and entertained.
Gardening has a whole host of splendid benefits for children. Not only is gardening a great way to get them outside in the fresh air and keep them active, but gardening is also fantastic for their development and a fun activity that can teach children many valuable lessons. Here are just some of the many benefits for kids:

  • Learning and Education: little ones can learn so much whilst gardening, not only does it teach them about the different seasons and how this impacts the plants and world around us, but it will also help children in many of their topics at school. Gardening teaches children to describe shapes and colours, as well as learning about life cycles, reading instructions and counting and measuring.
  • Healthy Eating: vegetables are far more attractive to kids when they’ve grown them themselves! Teaching children to grow their own fruit and vegetables is a way for them to learn about all the different types and encourages a healthier lifestyle.
  • Sensory Development: whilst gardening for children engages almost all of their senses, from smelling flowers to feeling the texture of the soil and plants, kids are learning how to recognise these senses all by themselves. The digging, lifting and physical activity involved in gardening means they also develop key motor skills, hand eye-coordination and physical strength.
  • Responsibility and patience: gardening also teaches children about responsibility and having patience. Growing plants and vegetables is a long process that requires time and dedication – a fantastic lesson for your little ones to learn!

If you want to get your children gardening, remember to start small and focus on plants or vegetables they find interesting – perhaps something from their favourite book or television show. Treating your kids to some special children’s gardening tools is also a great way to get them excited and ensure they’re gardening safely!

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