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Top outdoor activities for you and the family this summer

Happy summer holidays! School is out and so is the sun – so what better way to celebrate than with some fun activities to keep you and your family entertained this summer. We’ve pulled together our top outdoor activities to help you soak up some of that Vitamin D, and also keep your little ones active at the same time:

  • Splashing good time – summer is the perfect time to visit your local lido. With plenty sprinkled across the UK, it’s a great activity for all the family. Not only do you get a chance to fit in some exercise but it’s also a great way to cool down your little ones in this hot weather!
  • Try branching out – There are so many beautiful walking routes, forests and parks to visit in the UK. Take advantage with what’s on your doorstep and appreciate nature at its most beautiful this time of year! For inspiration on the best locations to try, check out some of the best national trust spots here.
  • Picnic in the park – speaking of nature, if you want to create the perfect summer day, why not plan a picnic in the park? Cooking and prepping food is a highly beneficial skill for your little one to learn. It is also a fun and cheap activity for those of you looking to save the pennies this summer. For picnic recipe ideas, we love the look of these ones here.
  • Wheelie good brake – another way to tire out your family this summer is a family bike ride. This can easily be tied in the with the activities above! Perhaps take a bike ride in one of the top nature walks or on your way to a picnic. This will be a fantastic way to explore the beautiful sights on your doorstep whilst keeping those endorphins flowing!
  • Seas the day – do we need much persuasion to visit the seaside? We think not! The UK offers some stunning beaches that may only be a stone’s throw away – an absolute crowd pleaser with children of all ages! Just be sure to lather on plenty of sunscreen and get those armbands out –for the children as well!

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