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Last month we unveiled some brand new research that explored how many people in the UK are aware that what they themselves are eating during pregnancy and indeed if they are breastfeeding will have a long-term impact on their infant’s future health and development. Our research revealed that an alarming 73% of UK parents with children under 4 wouldn’t be able to tell their child the role of the gut within the human body, with a further 55% stating they don’t understand what the microbiome is. This has also led to 43% who claim their lack of awareness has resulted in their children not getting gut-friendly bacteria to support their baby’s health.

Good health starts in the gut, and with 80% of your immune defense located in your gut, it’s important to have a well-functioning immune system. Your gut relies on having enough good bacteria in the body and a balanced microbiota, as the good bacteria in your body help prepare your immune system to combat unwelcome invaders like bad bacteria and toxins.

Additionally, the microbiome is intimately connected to health through all life stages, and the period after birth is believed to be crucial for the establishment of a healthy gut microbiome, and this can have a lifelong impact. The first 1000 days, from pregnancy to a child’s second birthday, offer a unique window of opportunity to build long-term health. The first three months of life are particularly important: a time when disturbances to the developing gut microbiota have the greatest impact on immune system development, and therefore future health.

Colief Multibiotic Drops have 1.1 billion live cultures of Lactobacillus rhamnosus, LGG®, the most researched gut-loving bacteria strain in the world, as well as Bifidobacterium infantis, which is scientifically proven to help develop a healthy immune system.

Suitable for breastfed and formula fed babies from birth onwards, Colief Multibiotic Drops are a simple and easy way to ensure your baby is getting the best start in life when it comes to their health. They only need to be taken once per day – either given directly to your baby or added to breast milk, infant formula, milk, or yoghurt.

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