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Tips to help navigate a healthy & happy 2024 for you and your family this Parent Mental Health Awareness Day and beyond

You may or may not be aware that today, Saturday 27th January, marks Parent Mental Health Awareness day. As parents we’re constantly worrying about our children and their issues and this day is a chance for parents and carers to openly discuss their struggles and challenges. It equally acts as a reminder for parents not to neglect their own mental health. And so, as we head into the new year, we’ve shared some of our top tips to help you navigate a happy and healthy 2024 for you and your family below:

  • Cut Yourself some Slack – Being a parent is tough, and we always want the best for our children meaning we have high standards for ourselves, and whilst this is important it’s also crucial we acknowledge we’re doing the best we can. Life is unpredictable and it doesn’t help to be too tough on yourself!
  • Be Open – Normalising the difficulties of parenthood is super important. Find one or two people you feel comfortable confiding in and share how you’re doing. We’ve all heard it before, but chatting about these things really does help to take the burden off of your shoulders and you might get some great advice along the way.
  • Celebrate the Successes – As soon as one job is finished, it’s onto the next, but it shouldn’t be! Try to take time to enjoy the happy moments and pat yourself on the back when you can – this is what it’s all for.
  • Look after Yourself – When was the last time you did something for yourself? We know it’s probably much easier said than done, but the little ones aren’t the only people who need looking after. Even if it’s ten minutes sat with a book and a cuppa – it will do you the world of good!
  • Schedule Family Time – this one might sound strange, “I’m always with my family?” I hear you cry…But whilst we’re always running around together, trying to schedule wholesome family time where you do something nice together, is a lovely way to bond and feel more united.

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