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At this time of year, it is important to keep both you and your baby’s skin supple and hydrated, to combat the colder weather. Skincare can be difficult for both mum and baby in the winter with central heating, icy winds and itchy clothing all playing their part to dehydrate and irritate.  As the frosty weather rolls in, ensure you avoid dry patches and irritated skin for both you and your little one, and prepare to combat cradle cap all year round with our handy tips below.

For mum…

For both expectant and new mums who want to keep their skin looking healthy and soft during the colder months, Colief®’s Mum To Be Moisturising Cream is a skincare necessity. Whilst tackling dry skin with natural ingredients including nourishing Almond, Avocado and Evening Primrose oils, Colief® Mum To Be Moisturising Cream helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks with ease, both before, during and after pregnancy. It is expertly formulated to nurture the skin and avoid the uncomfortable itchy and dry skin so common amongst many mums’ bumps.

Moving onto your little ones…

If baby is having issues with a dry scalp area, or suffering with the common ailment of cradle cap, Colief® Baby Scalp Oil is a wonderful and easy to use post-bath and pre-bedtime solution to irritated, dry skin on the head and body. Simply massage onto your baby’s scalp to loosen any flakes and use a soft baby brush to further release and remove the dead skin. The outcome will result in a reduction of flaky skin on your baby’s head, whilst leaving your little one’s scalp soft and moisturised before bed. The natural oil made from Rosehip, Olive Flower, Chamomile and Vitamin E will work to gently moisturise and nourish the scalp and can even be used on the rest of baby’s body on any dry patches, to calm and soothe.

Why not try a little bit of gentle massage for your baby whilst applying the Baby Scalp Oil? Scalp circles are a common baby massage technique, and are really simple to get started with allowing you and your baby some precious and relaxing bonding time.

Begin by gently cradling your baby’s head in your hands. Next, use the pads of your fingers to very gently make small circles all over your baby’s scalp, keeping this up for a couple of minutes – always ensure to watch for your baby’s comfort and stop if they indicate that they are not enjoying the sensation.

Once done, you should have a relaxed baby that’s ready for bed, with soft and soothed skin. Say goodbye to cradle cap or any dryness by repeating this technique during evening bath times.

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