The Colief Story

Where Colief Came From & Where We Began


Crosscare Limited

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Crosscare Limited is all about making premium products you can trust. Operating across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the US, we have subsidiaries in the U.K. and Singapore, alongside the distribution arm Skymed Pty Ltd in South Africa.

We sell a wide variety of products, from enzyme preparations to creams and cosmetics, perfect for modern families everywhere. Our scientific knowledge and proven expertise in temporary lactose intolerance helped us create our flagship product, Colief Infant Drops, a go-to solution for colic caused by temporary lactose intolerance.

Trusted by parents and recommended by healthcare professionals Colief Infant Drops is on the market over 25 years and today it is one of the most commonly prescribed treatments for colic.

Since then, we‘ve evolved and expanded our range to offer a range of food supplements and cosmetic products with natural ingredients for babies and young children. You can find our complete Colief range in major pharmacies, grocery stores, and online. Our mission is simple: to give families peace of mind so they can enjoy life’s precious moments with their little ones, worry-free.

Colief Clinical Evidence

Colief Infant Drops stands out as the sole colic product backed by clinical trials. Our initial clinical study, “A Trial of Lactase in the Management of Infant Colic,” conducted at Cork University Hospital, highlighted the potential role of temporary lactose intolerance in causing infant colic. The trial was small, but the results were significant and were published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics in September 1998. They showed that by breaking down most of the lactose in a baby’s feed by adding lactase enzyme drops to the expressed breast milk or infant formula prior to feeding, the hours of crying were significantly reduced.

These results were confirmed by a subsequent, larger trial “Improvement of symptoms in infant colic following reduction of lactose load with lactase,” conducted at Guy’s Hospital in London, published in October 2001.

More recently we completed two clinical studies in China. The first study “Efficacy and safety of lactase additive in preterm infants with lactose intolerance” was published in the Journal of Clinical Pediatrics 2023;41:34-41. This study looked at how Colief Infant Drops helps premature babies who have trouble digesting lactose, which can cause symptoms like abdominal bloating, frequent bowel movements, and posseting (small milk regurgitation). The study concluded that Colief Infant Drops can effectively and safely improve symptoms of lactose intolerance in premature babies.

A separate clinical study “Efficacy and safety of lactase drops in the treatment of lactose intolerance in premature infants” was published in the Evaluation and Analysis of Drug-use in Hospitals of China 2022;22:1488-1495.

This study looked into how Colief Infant Drops helped premature babies struggling with lactose intolerance, who experienced feeding issues like diarrhoea, bloating, and milk regurgitation. The results showed that Colief Infant Drops are safe and effective for managing lactose intolerance in premature babies. They can be easily added to breast milk or formula during every feeding.

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