Bathroom cupboard essentials for your new arrival

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When it comes to preparing for the arrival of your new baby, there are lots of things to consider, from choosing the cutest clothes, picking the perfect pre and post-partum products, to researching handyfeeding accessories.

To help you get everything you need to welcome your little one into the world, we’ve selected some bathroom cupboard essentials for you and your new baby…

For both expectant and new mums who want to keep their skin looking healthy and soft, Colief®’s Mum To Be Moisturising Cream is a skincare necessity to have in your bathroom! As the appearance of stretch marks are always a worry, Colief® Mum To Be Moisturisng Cream helps to prevent their appearance and is made with a nourishing blend of plaint oils including almond and avocado. It is expertly formulated to protect against such worries and also against the itchy, dry skin which is common amongst many mums’ bumps.

Once your baby has arrived, make life easier for yourself when preparing for their baby bath by using one that’s designed to keep baby in a safe position without the danger of slipping under the water, or opt for a bath support which will ensure your little one doesn’t slide around whilst having their wash. Furthermore, you can avoid any issues when testing the water temperature by using a bath thermometer, the perfect way to ensure optimum water conditions.

Once in the bath, baby soap and shampoo are vital as they are made with milder surfactants which reduces any irritation should it come into contact with eyes, whilst still offering a thorough cleanse. After your baby has been washed, you’ll need some soft baby towels on standby to dry them off. Unlike adult towels which can be course, baby towels are specially designed not to cause any grazing on your little one’s skin and allow you to dry them with comfort.

If having issues with cradle cap, Colief® Baby Scalp Oil is a wonderful post-bath and pre-bedtime solution to irritated, dry skin on the head and the product is extremely simple to apply. Smoothly massage onto your baby’s scalp to loosen any flakes and use a soft baby brush to further release and remove the dead skin. The outcome will result in a reduction of flakey skin on your baby’s head, whilst leaving their scalp soft and moisturised before bed.

By having these items in your bathroom ready for your new arrival, it will make those first few weeks easier for the whole family, and ensure your little one is fully looked after with the most comforting and soothing products at bath time.

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