DIY Christmas Gifts

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Stuck for ideas on what to get your loved ones this Christmas? Why not try making your own Christmas gifts this year with a special touch from your little ones! Not only will it be a great creative activity for your family to get involved in, but will be a very thoughtful touch that your recipients are sure to love! The added bonus is it will save you some money too, especially during this expensive time of year – it’s a win-win situation! We’ve listed a few ideas below to get you started, and please do tag us on Facebook or Instagram with your creations!

  1. Handprint paintings – get creative with your little one and make some Christmas hand paintings! Not only will it be a fun activity for them to get involved in, but will make a unique festive gift that your loved ones will love to receive!
  2. Festive baking – who doesn’t love some homemade delicious treats for Christmas? Why not make some tasty Christmas themed biscuits and get festive with some icing decorating – the family will love to get involved with this one!
  3. Christmas tree decorations – add a personal touch to someone’s tree this year and make them a beautiful Christmas tree decoration. Stuck for inspiration? Try this article here which details 75 Homemade Christmas Ornaments to easily personalise your tree.
  4. Homemade sugar scrub – it’s hard to believe this beautiful gift is homemade! This simple gift can be made following the instructions here, and all it requires is some sugar, olive oil, essential oils, food colouring and a jar!
  5. Personalised mugs – no one’s morning routine is complete without a cup of coffee – so why not treat your loved ones to a personalised mug? All you need is a plain mug of your choice and some Sharpie Oil Paint Markers and you can get going! Or if you fancy more of a challenge, see some inspiration for more ideas here!

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