Happy Halloween

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Halloween is another victim to COVID-19 in that lots of events, parties and of course, trick or treating are not possible this year BUT let’s turn our frowns upside down and focus on the fun family activities that we can still enjoy with our loved ones in the safety of our own home or garden.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Fancy dress – there’s no reason not to still indulge in Halloween dress up – you could video call family and friends and show off your spooky faces
  2. Halloween Candy Hunt – you might not be able to go trick or treating – why not create your very own Halloween based treasure hunt in the house or garden? Just hide a few sweets, candies or chocolates all around and let the little ones go wild finding them
  3. The great pumpkin hunt – something that is happening all over the UK, is children are being asked to draw and colour in a picture of a pumpkin and place into their front windows – like we did earlier this year with the rainbows for the NHS. The idea is that parents can take their little ones on a Halloween walk – in their fancy dress if they wish, and they can count how many pumpkin pictures or real pumpkins they see along the way
  4. Bake or make something spooky to eat – these Eerie Eyeball Pops from BBC Good Food look scary but taste great and what’s more will be super fun to make
  5. Have an age-appropriate scary movie afternoon with popcorn and Halloween treats

Please do remember if you’re dressing up your little ones in cute pumpkin, cat, witch or monster outfits we’d love to see so please tag us @coliefuk or share on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ColiefCare/.

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